Sunday, May 3, 2009

SI's Selena Roberts is a SNAKE!!

I watched the special about Sports Illustrated's Selena Roberts' new book on Alex Rodriguez on MLB Network and came to the conclusion that she just wants to take the most recognizable face of our national pastime through the mud and through the ringer. Watching Bob Costas interview her only solidified my belief that she is out to make a name for herself and see what she can get out of it. Her efforts to further soil the name of arguably the best player in the largest market are slanderous and bush league. Rodriguez has already admitted the mistakes he's made in the past and the baseball world should move on. I believe that she has crossed the line. Reporting that A-Rod had a clubhouse attendant put toothpaste on his toothbrush is flat out petty. She wants to demonize his character by reporting cheesy stuff like that. Please watch the interview since it will probably air again soon on MLB Network and come to your own conclusion.


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