Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Positive Test

Manny Ramirez is the latest to test positive for performance-enhancing drugs...His agent, Scott Boras, states that he tested positive because his doctor prescribed him a drug for a medical issue. Apparently his doctor did not check the banned substance list adequately. He will be suspended for 50 games for violation of MLB Joint Drug Prevention & Treatment Program as a result. Its a shame that Manny's legacy may be damaged by this positive test.

The Boston Red Sox interestingly enough commented that they did not believe for a second that Manny took performance-enhancing drugs. Hopefully Manny can clear his image by coming clean with what type of prescription drug he took. I feel extremely bad for Manny Ramirez since I have always believed that he never took steroids or performance enhancers...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Padres lose again...

Once again the Padres pitching staff does not do the job. Scott Hairston tried his best hitting the three-run shot to put the Padres up 6-5 but the lead was short-lived. Leave it to a Chris Iannetta grand slam off of Cla Meredith to be the deciding blow to win it for the Rockies, 9-6. Bud Black just does not have the pieces in the bullpen or in the everyday lineup to make a run in the NL West this year. I truly believe that trading away Jake Peavy before the trade deadline will give the Padres much needed help for the future. I emphasize trading Peavy this year because his contract is very affordable for many clubs and I believe that he will have elbow issues later in his career similar to Mike Hampton of the Astros. I certainly do not wish that for Jake but I believe his delivery will catch up to him sooner or later. Lets get the most from Jake this year before he walks next year and leaves the Padres with the cupboards bare.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

SI's Selena Roberts is a SNAKE!!

I watched the special about Sports Illustrated's Selena Roberts' new book on Alex Rodriguez on MLB Network and came to the conclusion that she just wants to take the most recognizable face of our national pastime through the mud and through the ringer. Watching Bob Costas interview her only solidified my belief that she is out to make a name for herself and see what she can get out of it. Her efforts to further soil the name of arguably the best player in the largest market are slanderous and bush league. Rodriguez has already admitted the mistakes he's made in the past and the baseball world should move on. I believe that she has crossed the line. Reporting that A-Rod had a clubhouse attendant put toothpaste on his toothbrush is flat out petty. She wants to demonize his character by reporting cheesy stuff like that. Please watch the interview since it will probably air again soon on MLB Network and come to your own conclusion.