Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Adrian Gonzalez is one bad mutha!

Adrian Gonzalez is putting up numbers this year that defy logic and common sense. How can anyone put up all-star caliber numbers hitting in a hitters' graveyard and without genuine protection in the lineup? Why are National League pitchers and managers throwing to him? Adrian currently has 12 opposite field home runs which lead me to believe that he is making the most of what pitchers are giving him. He gets extraordinary lift going the other way. Last night's home run at Petco Park went to left center field. I remember one other of his home runs in that general vicinity early this year. Its a nice poke even for a right handed batter pulling the ball. Adrian is fast becoming one of those hitters that is very difficult to pitch to. Mike Piazza and Albert Pujols come to mind because they used all fields with power.

Hopefully Adrian can hit 40-50 bombs this year and drive in 100+ runs this year in an offense that lacks superstars in the lineup. Scott Hairston is hitting the ball with authority and is proving to be the only protection for A-Gon. I hope Adrian doesn't leave when his contract comes up and the Padres come up with some excuse as to why they can't sign him.


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