Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boycott ESPN...

Ever since the Padres' Heath Bell voiced his opinion on the worldwide leader's unashamed tunnel-vision coverage of the "Evil Empire" (Yankees) and "The Nation" (Red Sox), I have noticed how bad it really is. I was watching the previously mentioned channel where Yankees-Tigers and Red Sox-Indians highlights were shown followed by a promo teasing the viewer how they were going to look more into depth both the Yankees poor performance and the Red Sox heating up. It seems like ESPN is in a deep love affair with these two teams and their markets. When will it stop or will it ever? I understand that those two teams have a tremendous following all across the country and that each team is a ratings magnet but for the sake of not losing the rest of MLB's fanbase try toning it down a bit. I am starting to watch MLB Network a lot more where all teams are covered in an unbiased way. Please consider doing the same.


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