Thursday, April 30, 2009

Heath? Again? Why?

Heath Bell followed up a save with some very eye-opening comments. To his credit, Bell has apologized to all parties involved. Granted he may have been emotionally fired up after getting his league-leading 8th save at the Rockies, but as a professional you do not open yourself up to scrutiny by calling out your colleagues. Bell stated, in short, that Rockies relief pitcher Huston Street was not "closer" material and that Kyle Farnsworth has fear in his eyes when he pitches despite his great stuff. Bell then went on to state that he is "closer" material and that he does have it in him. I was unaware of these comments so when I heard them on 1090 AM today I was shocked.

Heath Bell was a set-up man last year for Trevor Hoffman, the greatest closer of all-time. Now he has been blessed with a chance to close for a sub-par team and has done a nice job so far. I believe that Heath needs to eat a piece of humble pie and take a step back and realize what he had said. He is not yet an established closer and has not earned the respect of his peers as a legitimate stopper. The early success may have gone to his head a little but the game of baseball has a funny way of humbling players. I just hope that he does not hit too rough of a patch making the Padres suffer along with him. Next time someone approaches Heath for a quote, Heath should stick to the cliches and not step on any toes. He hasn't earned his stripes yet...


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