Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baseball and steroids....

So what does Alex Rodriguez do now? Now he has had a Sports Illustrated writer on his jock for the past few months trying to take him down by reporting now that he did engage in the use of performance enhancing drugs in high school. One of Rodriguez' ex-teammates from high school said that he gained 25 lbs. and gained 2oo lbs. on his bench press between his sophomore and junior years. Supposedly the entire team and the manager allegedly knew that Rodriguez was using. It sounds like Rodriguez was trying to maximize his abilities at a time when a lot of players were doing the same. I'm not condoning his actions but there weren't any policies in place concerning the use of steroids. All A-Rod is saying now is that he wants to do what God put him on this earth to do and that is play baseball. He is not commenting on the latest stories about him.

What about the pitch tipping that allegedly took place in lopsided games while Rodriguez was in Texas? If this allegation is true, then Rodriguez has no respect for the game. I personally can live with his steroid use and not blink when mentioning him among the all-time greats of the game, but if he was telling the other team what pitch was coming in exchange for the favor in return then I will lose all respect for Alex Rodriguez as a person. You simply do not do that to your team sabotaging them for the sake of your own personal statistics.

This Selena Roberts character from SI will not go away. I believe that she is trying to make her career blossom on the bad decisions of a very visible athlete. Roberts is capitalizing on Rodriguez while other known users get away. Mark McGwire fell of the face of the earth. Rafael Palmeiro will be embarrassed the rest of his life for the clown he made himself out to be in front of Congress. Sammy Sosa forgot how to speak english in front of Congress as well. Just remember Sammy, baseball has been very, very good to you!! Barry Bonds is about to crucified for his alleged steroid use. I can't wait until this is all over and steroids no longer are a big-ticket story. Granted it was a dark age in baseball but we all need to accept it and move on. It seems like the game is cleaning up. Lets quit beating a dead horse.


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